Getting Green

Our foundation is going with the green initiative. One of our primary goals is to ensure that nobody goes hungry. We live in the most affluent country on the planet. It is a direct reflection on our deteriorating moral code that we should have any person go without food.

We are building organic hydroponic facilities around the country. We will be giving all the food raised in these facilities to local shelters and food banks.

Green Building

The Dennis Family Office is committed to helping people with affordable housing and are in the process of building green sustainable communities that use alternative forms of building and energy. These homes will become available as we complete each area of the project. We will also be working with organizations like Habitat For Humanity. These organizations reflect our family policy of helping those in need. We are committed to giving back and ensuring that all who need can afford to acquire.


Wind,Solar, Geothermal and other forms of alternative energy are a mainstay of preserving and being good stewards of this planet. We will be expanding this beyond our green communities to the entire U.S. and abroad.