The Soft Foundation

We like to think of the foundation as an extension of the family. It is our way of helping others who may be in crisis and need support. They may have a financial or spiritual need that cannot be fulfilled by the normal channels of support. We want to be that support and will endeavor to give aid when available and wherever appropriate. The foundation is an extension of the family office and is a part of the overall ideology that the Dennis family believes in. We hope that all family members would help us in our goal to provide for the needs of any family in crisis.

Short History Long Tradition

We have a short history, but a long tradition. Our family had a humble beginning in the time of Mark Twain in Hannibal Missouri. Our family history can be traced back to Europe, Germany, Ireland and Scotland. We are dedicated to taking care of the family and all it's members through moral, physical and financial support. The Dennis family lineage is dwindling and the name will lose it's place in the near future but the tradition will carry on through this office and The Soft Foundation. Plus several satellite companies geared around not only our family but all families in crisis. We hope that all family members will take part in the foundation and any company interests we hold. Please take the time to review these companies and decide what part you would like to take,if any.

As the name implies it is an office set up to handle all the needs of the family from financial to legal and medical needs. We hope to unify the family unit and bring about the realization that we are all of one kindred spirit and ancestry. Our goal is to provide the support and bond that only a family can give to it's members. At no time do we intend to be a controlling factor in the family but simply a center focus on which the family can depend. In the end we have found the family is the only place that you can completely find a dependence that is unavailable in any other aspect of your life.

Family is a unique place in which to always know you are welcome and accepted. Your family may not always approve of the things that you do or decisions that you make but they will always love you and support you in any way possible. You may have no other place to turn but always know you can turn to your family and we will be there to help in the best way possible.