The Dennis Family Office is where family begins. From education to business and the cradle to the grave we our here to support our family and our community.

It may be an office but it is your office designed to meet the needs and goals of all family members. Helping us to sustain our life and the lives of those we love and be good stewards of the opportunities we have been afforded.

Meeting Family Needs

Family is the most important thing in a persons life. Sometimes things happen that cause the family unit to fracture and become non-unified. We can help.

If you find your family unit in crisis and are not sure where to turn then turn to the family office. We will provide you with family counseling services that are confidential and professional. These services are provided free of charge and are designed to help families that are struggling. Please click on the link below to request family counseling services. It is a short form and no information about the problem is needed. This is your personal need and we do not interfere or get involved.

Sometimes family gets hit by unexpected circumstances and cannot sustain the balance needed on their own. We offer all family members no charge and confidential counseling services. If you need help we are here.